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Building A Waterfall Alongside The Swimming Pool

A lot of homeowners in Santa Clara are staying away from the traditional kidney shaped swimming pool and going in for more exciting swimming pool designs. The freeform swimming the never ending swimming pool are two of the most popular luxury swimming pool designs that homeowners are requesting.

The freeform Santa Clara swimming pool is designed to resemble a lagoon style pool or naturalistic pool. It usually has rock features and is built to mimic an oasis. To add drama to this style of swimming pool, a lot of homeowners are also building waterfalls and other aquatic features at the edge of the pool. This gives the swimming pool a lot of more flair and adds to the drama of the entire area.

Luxury fountains and waterfalls near the edge of the Santa Clara swimming pool make the pool look and sound a lot better. These swimming pools are also much more relaxing for the homeowners.

A few owners of the Santa Clara freeform swimming pool are also landscaping the area around the pool. Some of them create Hawaiian themes with hibiscus plants and cane patio furniture.

The negative edge pool design is one of the most popular designs in upwardly mobile homes. This swimming pool design is also referred to as the infinity swimming pool design. The pool is built in such a way that it looks like it extends all the way out of the horizon. Homeowners love this pool design as it creates the impression of being larger than it seems.

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