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Choosing A Filtration System For The Napa Pool

Home owners deciding to install Napa pools in their homes need to make several decisions. They need to design the size and the shape of the pool they want to build. They also have to decide about the filtration system that they plan to use in their Napa pools.  

There are several filtration systems that home owners can choose from including sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth.

 The most common filtration system used in Napa pools is the Diatomaceous earth filtration system. This system is made of fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diatoms. The biggest advantage of this filtration system in Napa pools is that it can be used to filter out particles as small as 5 microns.  The filter itself is only 26 inches wide by 3 feet tall making this filtration system the most efficient system on the market.  However, this system does have to be on the city sewer system.  The filter should be backwashed every few months to sanitize the pool water efficiently and to avoid any flow loss.

 If the property is not on a city sewer system, a cartridge filtration system may be used in Napa pools in conjunction with a separation tank.  These systems work along the same lines as water filters. The principal behind this filtration system is simple; the filters catch the debris as water flows through it.

 Cartridge filters on Napa pools will need to be cleaned or replaced in the filter more frequently than diatomaceous earth filters.  As the debris builds up, the pressure on the filter will increase and the water flow will diminish, eventually stopping all together if the cartridge filters are not tended to.  Also, cartridge filters do not sanitize the water.  They only remove dirt and particles.  The pool's chemical balance must be maintained for proper sanitization.

 A third option for Napa pools filtration system is a sand filter   The system works by filtering the water through a bed of sand. This filtration system, which is installed in some Napa pools, works on similar lines to an espresso filtration system. The dirty water goes on top and clean water exits from the bottom of the system.  The sand filtration system depends on "depth" filtration where the pool water is driven into the sand and dirt is trapped in the spaces in between the sand particles.  When the sand bed is clean, large particles are initially removed.  As the filter begins to accumulate more dirt, then finer particles are removed from the pool water.

 Sand filters installed in Napa pools have to be cleaned manually every few weeks for them to be effective. In order to clean the filter, home owners can reverse the filtration system and backwash the dirty water, reversing the water flow through the filter to the waste line.

 Home owners deciding to use Napa pools need to decide on the kind of filtration system that they want to install in their pool fairly early on.

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