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Covering The Pool When Away On Vacation


Covering a swimming pool may not always look aesthetic and beautiful but it is definitely a necessity. Homeowners should consider closing their swimming pool during winter months as well as when they are away on vacation to protect the pool’s surface as well as reduce the evaporation rate.


Homeowners in San Jose should speak to their San Jose pool contractors if they are planning to install swimming pool with covers. This way, the cost of the swimming pool cover can be included in the initial swimming pool pricing.


Swimming pool covers have several advantages. The biggest advantage to closing the surface of the San Jose swimming pools is that shields the water from the sun and cuts down the chemical use. It also reduces the filtering and the cleaning that needs to be done.


There are several different types of swimming pool covers that are available.  The bubble cover is a common type of cover used on San Jose swimming pools. A typical bubble cover is made from two sheets of plastic. It is the same bubble cover that is used to package articles. The spaces between the bubbles also act as pockets for trapped air, further insulating the water.


The advantage of this swimming pool cover is that it is cheap and easy to buy as it is widely available. However, the disadvantage of this pool covers on San Jose swimming pools are that they blow away easily.


Installing the bubble cover is very easy.  All that a homeowner needs to do is measure the length of the San Jose swimming pool. The bubble sheet needs to be larger than the surface of the swimming pool.


Foam covers are also used in a lot of San Jose homes to cover the surface of the San Jose swimming pool. Foam covers are sheets of lightweight compressed foam that float on the surface of the swimming pool.


Vinyl sheets are also popular swimming pool covers. These sheets are similar to bubble sheets but without any of the bubbles. They are very cheap; however, they do not provide good insulation.


Mesh covers are made of close woven mesh. The cover does not touch water; however, it lets rain through. Water evaporation can take place through this cover.


Swimming pool covers are essential to minimize evaporation loss through the surface of the San Jose swimming pools. It is also helps reduce the monthly maintenance of the swimming pool.


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