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Sometimes even round swimming pool or rectangular lap pools look great because of creative pool lighting and landscaping. Through lighting and landscaping, an owner of a Yolo swimming pool can transform a dull pool into an exotic waterworld.

Swimming pool lighting not only enables the swimming pool to be used during the evening, but is also one of the most attractive tools can be used to highlight the pool area. Owners of Yolo pools can have the lighting built into the pool during the time of swimming pool construction or could include it as part of landscaping.

Underwater lighting is one of the most popular pool lighting techniques. This system of lighting can make a drab pool come to life during the night. Underwater lights are made with strong and resistant glass and often use halogen or incandescent bulbs. They are offered in different volt and watt options and feature different cord lengths.

Solar lights are also a very popular choice with Yolo pool owners. These lights work by capturing the sun's energy; therefore they do not use that much electricity. Some Yolo pools use floatable solar lights while others look like a torch.

However the most popular choice for Yolo pool owners in the past few years has been the fiber optic lighting system.has become an increasingly popular choice for many as it truly gives a pool extra panache. Fiber optic lights run through a cable that can be placed underwater or surround the pool's rim. The cable that carries the lighting does not use electricity; rather they are housed in an external component. Fiber optic lighting offers many unique fluorescent color options and offers the homeowner great versatility. In many cases, fiber optic lighting systems provide your pool with a mini-light show.

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