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Fencing The Swimming Pool


Fencing the swimming pool area is a very important part of swimming pool landscaping and every homeowner needs to consider installing one. This ensures privacy of the swimming pool area as well as improves safety.


Enclosing a swimming pool with a fence is a great idea for any home that has children. This prevents accidents that could otherwise occur when no one is with the children around the swimming pool area. It is also a great way for a homeowner to improve privacy around the pool.


Homeowners need to discuss swimming pool fencing with their swimming pool contractors. This way, the swimming pool contractor will have a better idea of the amount of space that can be used for installing the swimming pool.


Homeowners may also need to check with their local building department before contracting out a landscape designer for the work. There are some regulations that are involved with installing a fence around the swimming pool area.


Most landscape designers recommend installing fencing that is at least six feet high and spaced no more than four inches apart. This will prevent children from jumping over the fencing and into the swimming pool area. It will also discourage people from staring into the pool area.


Homeowners who do not want to contract the services of a landscape designer for the task could buy pre-fabricated fencing material that can that they could then install around the pool area. However, this could take some time and some amount of work.


Wood, chain link, wire mesh, wrought iron, and various forms of masonry are used for fencing materials around the swimming pool area.  Homeowners need to ensure that they buy pressure-treated wood or rust-resistant, non-corrosive metals for fencing material.


The style of fencing could also affect the amount of wind protection that the swimming pool area receives. Wind usually rushes over a straight fence and therefore landscape designers do not recommend this design of fencing. Landscaping of the fencing area usually involves angling the wooden boards to 45 degrees to offer more wind protection.


Homeowners who are planning to landscape the pool area should discuss fencing with the landscape designer. This way, the fencing can be an element of the landscaping design and not added as an afterthought to the design process.

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