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Getting Environmentally Conscious With The Swimming Pool

Every homeowner of a Monterey swimming pool knows the considerable expense involved in heating the swimming pool during the winter. For environmentally conscious people who are worried about their carbon footprints solar water covers as well as pool heat pumps provide environmentally conscious ways of heating the swimming pool.

Swimming pool heating pumps ate one of the most popular techniques for heating swimming pools and spas. They are energy efficient as well as economical and environmentally friendly.

Swimming pool heating pumps work by capturing heat from outside air and transporting it to the Monterey swimming pool water. These heating pumps do not use gas or propane but they do run on low amounts of electricity. They are very similar in design and technology to heaters at home but use far less energy.

Testing of heating pumps on Monterey swimming pools show that the efficiency of the heating pumps ranges from 3.0 to 7.0. The measurement refers to the relation of inputted electrical energy compared to outputted heat. Seven on the scale expresses maximum energy efficiency.

The initial cost of installing a heating pump in a Monterey swimming pool may b expensive. However, over the long run the homeowner gains from installing the device. Another method of heating the swimming pool but remaining environmentally conscious is through the use of solar water heaters. Here again the initial investment is high.

Solar covers used in Monterey swimming pools contain air pockets or bubbles that capture heat from the sun's rays and send the heat to water in the homeowner's swimming pool. Most solar covers are made out of a synthetic polyethylene material and most are a transparent blue in color.

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