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Keeping The Pool Clean With Chemicals

All swimming pools require chemicals to keep the pool clean and safe. Swimming pool owners in Marin have several products that they can choose from including sanitizers, algaecide, stabilizers, balancers and shocks.

Chemicals in the swimming pool can also lower water loss through evaporation as well as heat loss. Therefore, every Marin pool owner needs to make sure to use chemicals in the pool. Most chemicals available for swimming pools are available in the form of tablets, grains and sticks. Most Marin pool contractors recommend maintaining a pH level between 7.4-7.6 for the swimming pool.

Chlorine is the most popularly used chemical for swimming pools. Chlorine keeps a pool sterile by disinfecting it. Chlorine for swimming pools is available as tablets, grains and sticks. Another common disinfector used in swimming pools is Bromine. Some Marin swimming pool owners prefer bromine to chlorine because it has a less penetrating smell.

These days' swimming pool owners can also use mechanical devices to dispense chemicals into the pools at pre-set time periods. The chlorinators and brominators offer a great way for a homeowner to ensure that the pool is maintaining the proper chemical levels. Some are available as flotation devices that freely float around the pool.

Some of the other swimming pool chemicals that are used to keep the pool clean include algaecides, shocks and balancers. Algaecides are available in liquid form as well as tablets and they are used to destroy and prevent the growth of algae into the pool.

Shocks are a high-dosage mixture of different chemicals and they are usually used in swimming pools that were closed for a long period of time.

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