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Landscaping The Pool Area

There are several landscape designs available that can make a swimming pool as well as a home more beautiful and elegant.


The first step to landscaping is in deciding the theme or the style that a homeowner wants to lend to the area. Some times, the design of the swimming pool lends itself naturally to landscaping. This usually happens when homeowners choose pools with water falls or designer pools.


The first concern for landscaping should be to create some privacy around the pool area. This is essential in above ground swimming pools that are situated in the front of a home. Privacy should be a prime concern and the landscape designs should include trees, fences walls, screens that will block the view of the pool or spa area from outside.


Safety is also an area of importance during pool landscaping. The landscape designer needs to choose a design that offers safety to swimmers. For this reason tall trees that bear heavy fruits should not be planted near the swimming pool area. In addition, the landscape designer should also ensure that the swimming pool design is safe for children.


The swimming pool area as well as home looks more pleasing when all the landscaping elements are in unity with each other. This makes the swimming pool appear as a natural extension of the home.


The landscape designer should design a look such that no landscape element stands out and that each blends with the other parts, as well as with the house. As a result, a landscape designer should avoid using very contemporary ideas for in landscape designing for a traditional styled home.


A lot of homeowners also like to have patio furniture around the swimming pool area. Again, the style of the furniture should be a natural extension of the style of furniture used inside the home. It should not be a completely different style or design.


Balance is also very important around the swimming pool area. So a landscape designer needs to achieve a balance of elements that produce the same visual weight on either side of swimming pool. This will make the swimming pool the centre of focus on the home.


Ultimately the landscaping design depends on the taste of the homeowner as well as the style and appearance that the individual wants to bring to the swimming pool area.




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