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Installing a swimming pool at home is an ultimate sign of luxury and glamour. But just as designing bathrooms and kitchens, home owners need to be aware of the latest trends in pool design and color. 

Home owners can choose to create a tropical getaway or striking minimalist aesthetic in their backyard by designing their swimming pool and the areas adjacent to it carefully. Landscape artists can play an important role in helping homeowners make the swimming pool area more luxurious and glamorous.

 To create a contemporary looking swimming pool, home owners should avoid a kidney shaped swimming pool design. The kidney shaped swimming pool is a design of the 70s and early 80s. Unlike other vintage looks, it does not look like this design is ever going to be popular once again. So home owners who want to create a contemporary look for their home should definitely avoid the kidney shaped swimming pool. 

By far the most luxurious new look for a swimming pool this season is the infinity edge design. This swimming pool is designed in such a way that water slips over the side, creating an undisturbed horizontal plain. This particular swimming pool design works the best against a dramatic background such as the beach, hill top or ocean side.  

Caribbean Blue and Tahoe Blue are the season's hot favorites. Midnight Blue is another popular color that home owners often request for their swimming pool. However, this color is expensive and tends to push the price of the swimming pool up. Something to consider with dark colors is that it absorbs a lot of sunlight and heats up the water in the pool during the summer months; this could be a positive or negative depending on your circumstances.

Many home owners who invest a lot of time and money in installing their swimming pool also landscape the area around the pool. Using a combination of decking, paving, plants and sculptures, they create a specific look or theme.  Very popular today, homeowners are using native Californian species with new, pool safe travertine, Durango Stone or a Portabello Stone.

Water features are huge trends in swimming pool constructions these days. With stylish water features such as waterfalls, home owners can add a lot of aesthetic appeal to their pool area. 

Another way to enhance the swimming pool area is by having good lighting. Creative use of lighting can help illuminate the features of a swimming pool. Through the use of backlights and uplights, home owners can highlight features of the pool and its surrounding garden. 

Like in all other areas, the trends for swimming pool designs keep changing every year. Home owners need to go through magazines and speak to pool builders in designing a contemporary looking swimming pool.

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