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Swan Pools Remodel Team - Face Lifts to Structural Rebuilds:

“With a fresh new look inspired by modern chic materials, digitally controlled colored lights, and automation controls, your beautifully updated swimming pool will feel brand new.”

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Swimming Pool Remodel by Swan Pools of California Swimming Pool Remodel by Swan Pools of California Swimming Pool Remodel by Swan Pools of California


With over 50 years of experience and credibility, Swan Pools can transform your stale swimming pool design into a complete entertainment destination. Our remodel team can perform simple material upgrades to major structural rebuilds. You may want to add a spa, change the shape, make design and color changes, or even add waterfalls, artificial rock grottos, and any other available water features. Swan Pools can even change your entire yard’s feel with new landscaping and modern hardscape features such as fire rings, outdoor barbeques, fireplaces, seat walls, and decks; all of which come in a variety of materials to choose from. Also, we now have the capability to install photovoltaic solar power on your roof! With today’s energy efficient equipment sets, current safety standards, and technological advancements in salt systems, remote controls, and ozone sanitation systems, it is a great time to call the Swan Pools Remodel Team and renew your pool design with a modern outdoor entertainment destination.

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