Advantages Of Copper Ionized Built In Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Design and Construction

There are many reasons why Sacramento pool builders prefer copper and silver ionization over chemically sanitized pools, starting with the fact that they tend to make their customers happier. Homeowners usually prefer for their built in swimming pools to be copper and silver ionized, because it tastes better. Custom pool builders also report that Sacramento homeowners prefer the feel of copper and silver ionized water. The advantages don't end there, though. Sacramento pool builders also promote the use of copper and silver ionization because it eliminates and prevents calcium scaling.

Another sanitary advantage of copper and silver ionized built in swimming pools is that they are not affected by changes in temperature, bather load, sunlight and rainfall. These external factors will often require that additional chlorine shocking be done in a chemically sanitized pool. The high levels of chlorine required for chemically sanitized pools can damage pools covers, as well, but custom pool builders report copper and silver ionization systems do not require harmful oxidizing chemicals. Homeowners can also save energy and money by having their built in swimming pools filled with copper and silver ionized water. These systems only require a safe low DC current like that of several flashlight batteries; close to a penny a day in electricity.

Also, if you take into account the costs from chemically sanitized pools (chlorine, bromine, stabilizers, algaecides, and clarifiers) as well as indirect costs from these chemicals such as premature aging of the pool equipment and pool surfaces requiring a new liner or replastering, the ionized system quickly pays for itself. Sacramento pool builders often provide 5-year warranties on copper and silver ionization chambers. Another point that homeowners enjoy is that the backwash discharge and discharge from normal usage of a copper and silver ionization treated pool does not destroy plants. And finally, in considering the healthier aspects of an ionized pool, your skin, eyes, hair, and bleached swim wear, this preferred pool sanitizing system saves you thousands. There are many advantages to copper and silver ionization as opposed to chemically sanitized pools, and any questions that you may have can be answered by your local custom pool builders.

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