Avoid Accidents In North San Diego Pools

Swimming Pool Design and Construction

As any North San Diego pool builders will tell you, diving should not be allowed in any above-ground or on-ground swimming pool. In fact, most of them will not install diving boards on any above-ground or on-ground North San Diego pools. As part of the installation process, most North San Diego pool contractors include "danger no diving" decals with every new swimming pool.

These should definitely be posted clearly near any backyard pool, and all precautions should be taken to make sure the pool is as safe as possible. All commercial North San Diego pools must be clearly marked with the depth of the swimming pool at several points on the deck directly next to the pool. North San Diego pool builders typically suggest that homeowners also mark the depth of their pools, or at least mark the shallow end, to warn swimmers before they enter. North San Diego pool contractors can help homeowners with all of these markings, so their swimming pool can be as safe as possible. Another safety hazard is entrapment by the suction of main drains and other suction fittings. North San Diego pool builders have made several advances in main drain cover designs, though.

Today, it is mandatory that North San Diego pool contractors install more than one main drain in the swimming pool. This should completely eliminate the hazard of entrapment accidents, but swimmers are unfortunately still being killed and injured every year by outdated equipment. As these new technologies become available, homeowners should retrofit their North San Diego pools if at all possible. An inexpensive and easily installed replacement main drain cover may just save a life.

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