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One of the latest trends in swimming pool design is natural pools. These swimming pools have recently captivated the minds of American and European homeowners.


The natural swimming pool is a great pool design for homeowners who want a swimming pool to unwind and relax in. Landscape designs play an important part in the design of these swimming pools. Most times, these pools are designed to correspond with the pool environment.


The natural swimming pool is architecturally designed to correspond with the pool's environment. Many times, these swimming pool designs incorporate rocks, waterfalls and beach entrances as design elements. Large boulders and stonework as well as shrubbery and flowers are used to decorate the pool area.


One of the reasons that natural swimming pools are becoming popular across the United States is because these ponds are easy and inexpensive to maintain. These swimming pools do not use chemicals and expensive filtering equipment.


The natural swimming pool is constructed with natural materials such as clay unlike regular swimming pools which are made of materials such as fiberglass, vinyl and gunite. These swimming pools also do not use any chemicals. Sometimes, plants are planted in them to cleanse the water naturally.


Natural pools truly take a boring backyard and turn it into a natural oasis. Some people think that they will be swimming against lilies and plants in natural swimming pools. However, the two areas are usually separated by rocks.



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