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Calculating The Cost Of A Pool

Swimming pools may cost money to build but they also add substantially to the value of the home. The resale value of a home with a pool is a lot higher then regular homes.  

If you have decided to build a swimming pool at home then you should consider financing from banks and other financial institutions for a loan to cover the swimming pool cost. Loans to cover the cost of a swimming pool construction project are structured very similar to home loans and repayment terms are very similar to those mortgage loans.  

The swimming pool cost is influenced by a number of factors including the type of pool, the size and design, extras such as material upgrades and remote systems, individual builders' pricing, and additional features such as landscaping, fencing, barbeques, fireplaces, concrete decks, and fire rings.

  The swimming pool cost depends on a homeowner's desires and design intentions. Creating a Japanese garden around the pool may add substantially to a swimming pool cost.  However, adding a few, well designed, plants and trees around the pool will not cost very much and the aesthetic advantage is priceless.

  Besides tangible goods, the swimming pool cost is also influenced by the cost of utilities in the area such as water, electricity, and natural gas.  The average size swimming pool and spa will take approximately 15,000 gallons of water on its first fill.  Electricity is required to operate the filtration pumps and swimming pool and spa lights in the evening.  One can expect to have the circulation system running for a minimum of four hours a day.  Finally, natural gas is required for the pool and spa heater to heat the spa and warm the pool for use in the winter.  An added feature that can greatly reduce energy costs is a solar heating system.  This system is a small initial investment realized by years of energy cost savings.  A homeowner's swimming season will be extended several months past the summer months using the energy from the sun.

  Lastly affecting the swimming pool cost , besides the cost of pool and spa construction and operation, is the cost of maintenance and landscaping. Regular maintenance of the pool is very important and does not increase the swimming pool cost by much. In fact, regular maintenance prevents home owners from spending much more at a later date in repairing the pool and is required to keep the swimming pool and spa running at maximum efficiency keeping the investment beautiful for years to come.

  Initiating a swimming pool and spa construction project may take a large initial down payment.  However, home owners who have decided to make their ultimate family playground and build a pool in their home should not worry about swimming pool cost too much.  Repayment for the pool and spa are spread over several months, and the advantages from increased home value to the joy and relaxation experienced will be realized for many years to come.

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