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Choosing A Deck For Your Sonoma Swimming Pool

When it comes time to choose a deck for a new Sonoma swimming pool, there are many options. There is traditional wood decking, which is one of the most popular Sonoma pool designs. There are also many alternatives to the norm, such as vinyl and aluminum decking. Sonoma pool contractors can help homeowners choose the options that will best suit their home and garden, but it is really a personal choice in the end.

Wood decks are so complimentary to Sonoma pool designs, because they naturally fit in with the trees and other plant life that is found abundantly throughout Sonoma County. Hardwood is the best choice for a Sonoma swimming pool, because it will stand up to the constant moisture. Homeowners should know that wood decks do cost more, but they are an investment that adds value to the home. Sonoma pool contractors can create many different looks with hardwood, as well, either on one side of an above ground pool or surrounding the entire pool.

The entrance onto a hardwood deck is usually a stairway built into the deck. There are many fine alternatives to traditional deck materials that Sonoma pool contractors are working with these days. Vinyl, aluminum and plastic decking are now available for Sonoma swimming pool decks. Since there is no danger of rotting or termite attacks from the wood being constantly soaked, these are a smart choice, especially for families with young children. The fact that they are virtually maintenance-free makes it easy to understand why they are becoming more popular. There are even some alternative Sonoma pool designs with decks that look like wood, but are actually plastic. It really is the consumer's choice; there is no one deck that is better than all the others.

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