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Common Pool And Spa Designs

Many home owners who enjoy entertaining are adding a spa to their swimming pool.  The design of swimming pool spa is perfect for homeowners who have ample room in their homes.

When most homeowners think of a swimming pool spa they think of a hot tub added to the pool. But there are more designs to swimming pool spas than just hot tubs.

A popular swimming pool spa design is the raised spa design. This design gives the pool a distinct look as the water in the spa sits higher than the water in the pool. In this design, the exterior of the spa can be seen. This makes the design more attractive and appealing.

Another common design for a spa pool is the integrated style spa. The spa jets are included in the pool in this design. An appealing feature of the spa swimming pool is that the water in the spa is at the same level as the pool. The design looks more discrete than then a raised spa swimming pool. It can also seat more people.

Home owners who are interested in having a decorative swimming pool may add a waterfall to the design. These spa pools include a waterfall in addition to the spa and the swimming pool.

Many pool builders suggest a raised spa design with a waterfall swimming pool. Often the waterfall is place near the spa or across from the spa. The waterfall adds elegance to the pool.

There are several advantages to adding a spa to the swimming pool. The main advantage is that the spa can be very relaxing and therapeutic. Spa jets in the swimming pool can benefit a lot of people who have sore or stiff muscles. The cost of maintaining an integrated spa and swimming pool is not much more then the cost of maintaining a regular pool. The spa swimming pool requires the same maintenance schedule as the regular pool does.

 The cost of constructing a spa and swimming pool is varied. It depends on the size of the pool and spa created. A spa swimming pool may not actually cost more then a large swimming pool made of gunite and embellished with designs and pebbles.

 Home owners who are thinking of constructing a spa swimming pool should speak to pool designers before deciding on the style of the swimming pool.

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