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Decorating The Garden Around The Swimming Pool

Garden décor and swimming pool landscaping has become very popular among Santa Clara swimming pool owners. Most Santa Clara swimming pool owners are employing landscape artist to turn their swimming pool areas into exotic water worlds.

Garden décor has become an integral part of swimming pool landscaping. A lot of homeowners are installing statutes and garden pedestals around their swimming pool. Tall statues are a landscaping design that should only be used in homes that have a lot of space around the swimming pool. Otherwise the entire pool area will look extremely cluttered.

Garden pedestals have also become a key component in landscaping the pool area. Garden pedestals are available in Roman as well as more contemporary designs. A lot of Santa Clara swimming pool owners are using these pedestals to highlight their heliconias and orchids. Some of them are using them to serve as small fountains or even a bowl that serves as a mock bird bath.

Garden statues are available in concrete, copper, fiberglass and marble. The choice of landscaping around the inground swimming pool area is limited only by the owner's creativity and budget.

Garden gnomes are fun and colorful ornaments. These elf figures are not only an aesthetic enhancement to a garden but are said to bring good luck.

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