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Designing Garden Art Around The Pool

Most Napa swimming pool owners with luxury free form pools or never ending pools also choose to landscape the area around the pool. By adding waterfalls or planting unique flowering plants and shrubs around the swimming pool area they enhance the beauty and aesthetic value of the pool area.

Landscaping is usually encouraged for Napa homeowners who have an inground swimming pool. This way the landscaping artist can work with the space and dimensions of the pool and create a look that is homogenous with the pool area as well as with the rest of the home.

The options for landscaping the pool area are limited only by the Napa pool owner's imagination and budget. Depending on the Napa swimming pool owners taste, the landscaping can be simple and minimalists, ethic in look or even wild.

While landscaping the pool area, the homeowner needs to keep in mind limitations to landscaping that may be imposed by the pool insurance. Some Napa home insurances will limit fencing and planting of tall trees near close to the swimming pool area.

Pool landscaping may also be limited by physical or architectural limitations in the homeowner's backyard. For instance hills will affect the landscaping design. Than again environmental factors will also determine the swimming pool landscaping design. Homeowners prefer to use the most spot in their backyard for a swimming pool deck rather than for landscaping.

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