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Designs For Salt Water Swimming Pools

Before you begin choosing between salt water pool designs there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. Many of the people that have seriously considered installing a salt water pool quickly find that there are quite a few steps between dreaming of a pool and actually enjoying it.

One important factor that you must take into consideration is the size of your pool. Many individuals feel that the bigger the swimming pool the more it will increase property values. Unfortunately, for many people this will not be the case. Salt water pool designs are meant to compliment the natural landscape of one's space, you have to keep in mind that by filling the landscape almost completely with a large circular or rectangular pool, you are eliminating the other functions of a backyard that make them useful. Most pool designs come in size categories ranging from spa size to large.

Spa sizes usually range between seven and nine feet in diameter and are round in shape. Spa size salt water pool designs can be used to enhance garden space without actually taking away the focus from other features.

So what is the right salt water pool size for you? Well, there's no magic formula to it. A lot of it depends on the pool designs and how they take advantage of natural features. Be sure to contact a professional for a consultation in regards to pool designs. If you tell your landscape designer what you want to do, they may be able to recommend the optimum size for your salt water pool.

There are a number of salt water pool designs that will satisfy pretty much any need. Your salt water pool designs will have to work however, with the unique characteristics of your property. Your pool's design should be one that enhances your property, not one that distracts attention from your backyard's landscape. It is easy to think a simple circular or rectangular shape will work on your property, but salt water pool designs are very flexible. If you live in a tropical climate then no doubt you have a variety of tropical foliage growing on your property. Why not choose pool designs that bring with them the fluidity of the ocean.

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