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Discouraging Algae Growth In A Natural Pool

A homeowner with a natural pool knows how difficult it is to keep the plant and the algae growth separate from the swimming pool area.

The natural swimming pool is architecturally designed to correspond with the pool's environment. Many times, these swimming pool designs incorporate rocks, waterfalls and beach entrances as design elements. Large boulders and stonework as well as shrubbery and flowers are used to decorate the pool area. However, the boulders are used to separate the swimming pool area from the shrubs and plant growth.

Shocks have found to be one of the most effective methods in prevent algae growth in splash pools. Shock treatment products are essentially a high dose of chemicals. They are not normally used often in natural pools. In fact, this treatment is used only around once a year in these exotic waterworlds. The shock treatments used in the natural pool designs are usually chlorine free.

Algaecides are also used in some natural swimming pools to eliminate existing algae. Some of the algaecides are designed to kill a specific type of algae. The type of algaecide that a homeowner will use for their swimming pool depends on the algae that he or she hopes to eliminate.

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