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Features To Add In Landscaping Pool Designs

One of the most interesting features involved in pool designs is the plant arrangement installed around the pool. It's incredible how much the right floral arrangement can change the scene; it softens the surface, creates a connection between the pool area and your home, but most importantly, it provides privacy. However, there are some issues that you need to take into consideration before actually choosing the plants for your pool designs.

For starters, you need to consider maintenance because it is highly important. The easiest plants to care for are ground covers, ornamental grasses and plants with broad leaves. It's not recommended to use fruit trees or plants that attract bees or grow extensive roots because they can easily damage the pool. Another feature that is frequently added in pool designs is a pool fence. This fence is very useful, offering both safety and privacy.

The pool fence is more important, even necessary, if you have children or pets. It is very useful in preventing swimming pool accidents, mainly because it restricts the access to the pool area. There are different fence designs as well that change according to the privacy purposes. You can opt for the overlapping pattern ones that are up to six feet high, or for the latticed fences that allow air and light in you pool area. Another aspect you should keep in mind when planning the pool designs is the outdoor lighting. This kind of lighting is a must to all pool designs because it allows swimming at night, but also ensures safety. The best places to install lights are the deep part of the pool, the steps and the perimeter of the pool. You can choose between white halogen pool lights and fiber optics, which are known to be more efficient. In order to avoid monotony, you also have a choice in color and patterns.

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