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Feng Shui Swimming Pool Landscaping

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any home because they can create an instant place for fun, relaxation and exercise. Furthermore the water is an excellent element in landscaping however, if you decided that you want feng shui landscaping then you should know that some experts consider that swimming pools can often create negative influences. The main reason why feng shui and swimming pool landscaping do not mix is because the pools possess a great deal of energy and they are often located at the rear of the home and this is extremely inauspicious according to feng shui.

Even so, there are cases when swimming pool landscaping and feng shui can bring a lot of benefits and this would include a pool that is correctly sized, shaped and positioned. If you decide you want feng shui swimming pool landscaping you should then consider and reconsider the shape and size of the pool because they can create problems, such as poison arrows, which are harsh points of energy directed at the house. Also, the location of the pool can mean a very good feng shui swimming pool landscaping combination and the main reason for that is that the pools are situated according to flying star feng shui.

In case you are hooked to have both feng shui and swimming pool landscaping then respect the feng shui rules that include an auspicious shape for the pool, design a pool that has a size proportional to the size of your home, locate the pool at the sides of the yard, design pools that embrace a home because they will bring good luck, locate pools in favorable sectors for feng shui periods 8 and 9 and incorporate the five elements of feng shui around your pool.

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