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One has to love all the charming landscaping designs one can create by oneself. One landscaping designs idea is to use a pumpkin as a planter for some brightly colored mums, putting small holes in the bottom for drainage (if you are in the cooler regions of the country where it won't go bad quickly). Another landscaping designs idea is to use a large, outdoor planter in which you put some sort of bottom filler such as chicken wire or peat moss and then on top of that, arrange maybe some of the beautiful colored winter gourds you can buy at your local market or some small pumpkins with small pots of winter flowers.

Some of the "maintenance" items some consider fun when considering landscaping designs are working with stepping stones to make a new walk or place in some of your gardens. Either regular stones from your garden center or using kits to make your own stones as there are beautiful mosaic tiles and colored glass you can use just for a few examples of materials. I have seen lady bug stones, flower stones, and many other personalized ones of every type as well in various landscaping designs.

This is also a great time to build a new patio, arbor or bridge, or to make new planter beds with borders and mulch. Then you will be ready for your gorgeous new plantings when spring comes and you can just have fun with your new plants! Some also like to do the things that are miserable to do in other times of the year, but therapeutic in others. Some landscaping designs examples are painting or poly-coating your fences, cleaning out unwanted plants from your gardens to be ready for spring and replacing them with mulch, and anything else that can be unpleasant when the weather is warm or hot.

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