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Going Abover Ground With The Swimming Pool

San Jose homeowners who are considering having a swimming pool at home but are on a tight budget should consider buying an above ground swimming pool.


Most above ground swimming pools have visible structural frame with a liner normally made out of vinyl (PVC) that forms the surface of the framing system. Most above ground swimming pools are round or oval in design but have frames that come in several patterns and colors.


The reason that the above ground pool is less expensive for a San Jose homeowner is because it does not require much work for installation. Homeowners do not need to dig up any portion of the ground for its installation.


Most above ground swimming pools are made of galvanized steel or other strong structural materials. The wall or frames can be different heights and are offered in different colors including blue, white and gray.


Above ground swimming pools can be placed in concrete or on grass. Some need a protective pad that is placed between the pool and the ground. However, most above ground swimming pools not only come with the framed structure and liner but some are offered with a pump, filter and ladder.


Another advantage of the above ground San Jose swimming pool is that the homeowner can install it by himself or herself. Most above ground swimming pools come with self-installation instructions that are easy to understand.


Above ground pools are certainly more affordable than inground swimming pools and are easy to disassemble as well. A round above ground pool measuring 18 ft. in diameter, with an essentials kit with pump, ladder and filter, is usually priced between $1,200-$2,000.

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