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How To Pick A Pool Builder

For most of us, building a pool fulfills a bit of a dream. We have visions of spending the summer in the backyard with friends and family, cooking hamburgers on the grill, having a few drinks and just enjoying ourselves. Unfortunately, that dream can become a nightmare if you don't choose the right pool companies. The right pool companies can help you achieve your goals and make a backyard pool, spa, or kitchen that fits your needs and your budget and can be enjoyed for years to come. The wrong pool companies can cost you time, money, and rob you of your dream.

Before choosing pool companies, you first need to determine what type of pool you would like to build. The type of pool you build will be based on several factors such as personal taste, geographic location, and, of course, budget. Begin by finding out what type of pool companies in your area are building. Are they predominantly building in ground, above ground, gunite, fiberglass pools, etc? Determine which is suitable for your area, and which suits your lifestyle and budget. Learn from other people's experience and mistakes. Now you need to develop a list of potential pool companies. Start with any personal references from friends and family who have built pools because a reference from someone you already know and trust is a great place to start. You can also drive around your area and look for gunite trucks or any other tell tale signs outside a house where a pool companies build is underway. Don't be afraid to knock on the door and ask the owner how things are going and how they feel about their pool companies. Once you have narrowed your list to between 3 and 5 builders you should start making appointments. Schedule each one a day or two apart so that you can make an apples to apples comparison.

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