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Inground Swimming Pools

Driving home after a splash at the local pool is not always convenient. Getting a custom inground pool, therefore, can be a great solution for families who want to cool off during hot summers. They can beat the summer heat by setting up a custom inground pool in their own backyard. Such a facility can provide an opportunity for near and dear ones to enjoy themselves together, relax, and let their worries wash away.

Whether a custom inground pool is preferred over one above ground is a matter of personal choice. Custom inground pools are permanent structures so their position must be carefully decided before the digging starts. Although inground pools are more expensive than above ground pools, they can be considered more valuable.

There are three main options of shell material that can be opted for with each custom inground pool- fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete. A fiberglass pool comes in one piece and the pool shell is installed once the hole is dug out. Such pools are generally more expensive than concrete inground pools but have a better lifespan because they are easier to maintain. Fiberglass pools reduce expenses in the long run.

A vinyl inground pool is furnished by the installer in kit form. This means panel walls are joined together and a concrete footing is placed at the bottom for support. Panel walls can be made of wood, steel or polymer.

Concrete inground pools seem to be more common. They are more durable and can be custom-built to meet particular needs and specifications. A concrete custom inground pool has the advantage of flexibility in design, shape and depth at the initial stages of construction. The construction process of concrete pools includes several phases including designing of the form, applying concrete and tile, coping and plastering. Concrete custom inground pool may appear more costly, but in the long run they are of higher quality, more durable, last longer, and many contractors offer lifetime structural guarantees.

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