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Reducing Heat Loss From A Pool



The owner of Merced swimming pools should consider using a cover to reduce evaporation and heat loss from the pool. 

Swimming pool covers are available in a variety of designs and models. Some of them need to be unrolled across the Merced swimming pool by hand while other automatic varieties are available that work at the switch of a button.


There are three main options when it comes to swimming pool covers: safety covers, winter covers and solar covers. Safety covers for swimming pools are designed to be strong and protective to ensure children and animals cannot accidentally fall into a pool.


Solar pool covers are energy efficient swimming pool covers. These covers not only retain the water's heat and minimize the amount of water that will evaporate from the pool but they also increase water temperature by transferring energy from the sun to the water.


Winter pool covers are very similar to safety swimming pool covers; they are strong and protective and can prevent accidents. Most winter swimming pool covers are made from polyethylene or mesh-like material. Most winter covers used in swimming pools are like a tarp and prevent everything from entering the pool, while others are woven with tiny holes to the allow snow and water to drip through.


Winter pool covers used on swimming pools stop anything from getting into the pool and may require pumping systems during the time of re-opening the pool or if the water or snow weight becomes excessive. These pool covers are made of solid materials that can be kept in place by water-filled tubes that are placed around the pool's edge.

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