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Simple Pool Landscaping Designs

There are many different types of landscaping designs that Napa swimming pool contractors can install in the backyard. There are also a few landscape ideas around an inground pool that homeowners can accomplish on their own. Some of the most dramatic landscape designs can be accomplished with simple furniture positioning. By adding some strategically placed chairs, tables, pillows and decorations, the whole pool area can become instantly transformed. For more complex landscaping designs, however, homeowners are better off contacting their local Napa swimming pool contractors to get the job done right.

They may also be able to suggest landscape ideas around an inground pool, such as canopies that can be installed around the deck or patio. These provide a comfortable area to sit and lounge, or to entertain guests with drinks and appetizers. One of the most important and practical landscape designs is the gate or fencing, which are necessary to keep small children from entering the pool when there are no adults around. There is a great variety of fences to help it become a cohesive part of the home's decor and feel, as well, so they don't make swimmers feel like they're imprisoned.

Local landscaping Napa swimming pool contractors can also add high fences with close slats, giving the pool area more privacy for swimmers and sunbathers to enjoy the sun and the pool. Some other simple landscape ideas around an inground pool include pool storage and organization facilities. Since there are many chemicals and accessories that are needed to help keep a pool clean, some storage is necessary to keep these dangerous substances away from children. To make the landscape designs complete, there should also be some way to keep floaties and toys organized. The most affective landscaping designs, like patio furniture and storage bins, are also the simplest.

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