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The Dream Of Inground Pools

Who hasn't gazed into a landscaping magazine and thought to themselves when they saw the pictures of the beautiful inground pools that one day they will build a pool in their back yard? It's part of the "America dream" and is something whole generations have aspired to.

The fact is however, that most individuals have very little experience with having inground pools installed in their backyard and therefore it will be a learning experience. Make sure you do your homework so you don't have to learn expensive lessons during the project. There are many types of inground pools to choose from so you should make yourself familiar with all of the available inground pools before you choose.

Having a water feature that flows into inground pools is something that an increasing number of people are having done but they can quickly run up the cost of your pool depending on the size and detail. Consider having a more simple water feature set over near your entertainment area that uses prefabricated parts and you can shave a few thousand dollars off the price and besides, people will get more enjoyment out of it that way.

A good pool contractor will mention "excavation costs" and will also let you know that there are "unknowns" that have to be taken into consideration once they break ground. What this means, is that if there is solid rock or "hard pan" type substrate that can't be removed by conventional methods your excavation costs can shoot through the roof.

You will want to find out before hand if there is a possibility of solid rock under your yard before you sign a contract. Because, with the cost of breaking through that rock and debris removal running upwards of $10,000 you may want to consider other pool options if you are living on solid rock.

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