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The Landscaping Design Of Your Pool

If you are one of those lucky persons that enjoy the pleasure of having their own backyard inground pool then you should take advantage of the situation and start landscaping your swimming pool. There are many different pool landscaping design ideas you can come up with in order to create that wonderful place where you can have fun, relax or exercise.

For some people landscaping design around the pool can seem boring and very messy. But if you take your time and dress up the pool with appropriate plants, flowers and place some decorative stones or rocks in between the flower and plant accents, you will obtain a very beautiful pool landscaping design.

Adding plants around the pool area however does require thought, attention to design, and other special considerations. The idea of creating a pool landscaping design that involves flowers and plants should make the area more inviting and not increase maintenance. Some flowers and plants may naturally create too much debris and are not suitable to be placed directly next to a swimming pool area. Dropping leaves and petals into the pool can clog skimmers earlier than scheduled maintenance times, strain circulation pumps unnecessarily, and modify the chemistry of the pool water causing other undesired effects such as shortening the life of the pool plaster. You can obtain color in your pool landscaping design by trying plants like the genus, zinnia. They are ideal swimming pool areas because they hold petals and their leaves stay on for a long period of time.

Whatever plants you decide to include in your pool's landscaping design you should be selective. Depending on where you live and the associated climate, you can get colorful and interesting plants that can either be planted in the landscape or used as potted plants placed around the pool.

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