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The Popular Gunite Pools

Gunite has been used to build inground swimming pools for over 30 years and its superiority to do the job is unequaled since gunite is a pneumatically applied concrete with superior strength, up to 6000 - 7000 psi. Contractors and homeowners alike prefer gunite pools because they can be built to any design and shape that the homeowner desires. Almost everything is possible with gunite pools and the builder can assist you with the blueprint of the design, offer suggestions for creating a design, and in choosing the necessary items to fulfill the vision you have for your gunite pools including fountains, streams and landscaping.

You can expect the gunite to lend itself well to free-form pools, decks and steps and the best part is that gunite can be colored, stamped, embedded with a certain design, etc. and the options you have when it comes to gunite pools are only limited by your imagination. This is why, before you call a contractor and start working on the construction of the pool, you should discuss the ideas you have with your family and let each member list one or two things that they would like for the gunite pool. This will certainly give you a place to start when you are interviewing gunite pools contractors.

The best part of having a gunite pool at your home is its accessibility. You are free to use and relax near or in your pool late at night after a busy day at work, in the morning when you just woke up or during the day when you may feel like going for a swim. Even more, having gunite pools means a big boost on the value of your property.

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