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The Landscape Designer`s Job

A landscape designer uses a lot of art and science to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing extension of the indoor environment with the outside world. The landscape design of the pool area is a part of landscape architecture that reflects creativity through the combination of space and design, because its main purpose is to blend technology with nature.

In order to become a landscape designer, you must know the principles of art elements and have some knowledge in design. The art elements that you work with include line, color, scale, texture and form and you should know how to work with them because these elements are never independent from each other. The design principles that a landscape designer must know include focalization, unity, transition, balance, repetition, simplicity and rhythm, which must interact in the intended design.

The landscape designer must have a vast knowledge of mathematics, engineering, art, technology, social sciences, science, politics, philosophy and history in order to know how to work with the tools he has. These tools are used in combinations to adjust design to fit the particular landscape. Basically the landscape designer works on the form, scale and citing of the project. He can do that either for public parks, golf courses, greenways, theme parks and sport facilities or for housing areas. The job includes offering environmental assessments and landscape assessments, land management proposals and planning advice.

As a landscape designer , you must first develop a plot plan, conduct a site analysis, assess the needs and desires of your client, locate all the activity areas, design the activity areas and plant the selection and placement of the development. Landscape construction and service companies usually hire the landscape designer who can create gardens and design different types of planters and green spaces.

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