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The World Of Inground Pool Designs

When choosing in-ground swimming pool designs, homeowners should first think about what they will be doing in the pool. The activities of the homeowner, their family members and their friends will definitely determine which in-ground pool designs will be best.

Some people may prefer to have a deep end with a diving board built into their pool designs, if they plan on diving and doing lap swimming. Some people just want to be able to exercise and do physical therapy, or just hang out and relax. When it comes to diving pool designs, a depth of 9 feet that extends to 25 feet is believed to be the safest. For lap swimming without diving, in-ground pool designs should be at least 4 to 6 feet, so swimmers don't touch the bottom when they're swimming. This also allows swimmers to do summersaults and tumbles in the water with ease.

For people who just want to relax and hang out in their pool, in-ground swimming pool designs with a minimum depth of 36 inches and a maximum depth of 5 feet will be sufficient. The shape of the pool is another factor to consider with in-ground swimming pool design, both for function and aesthetics. Some of the in-ground pool designs that have been popular throughout the decades include rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, kidneys, L-shapes and other simple geometric silhouettes. Simpler shapes are obviously better for diving and lap swimming, but people who just want recreation pools can really get creative with their pool designs. The design should blend into the landscape of the backyard, though, and should be able to provide fun, exercise and relaxation to friends and family for years to come.

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