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Using A Liquid Cover For The Swimming Pool

Everyone knows how important it is to cover the swimming pools during the winter months to prevent astronomical costs of heating. There are a number of different covers that San Mateo swimming pool owners can use to protect their swimming pool.

The simplest but effective pool cover that is often used by homeowners of a San Mateo swimming pool is the tie down pool cover made up of reinforced vinyl or mesh. The tie down swimming pool cover helps heat loss through evaporation. However, these pool covers are often heavy and cumbersome to use.

These days a lot of San Mateo swimming pool owners are altering the chemical composition of the swimming pool water to prevent heat loss through evaporation. Recent research by some San Mateo pool builders found that under normal conditions, an uncovered 16-ft. x 36-ft. pool can lose about 180 gallons of water a week to evaporation. This could lead to more heat spent on heating the swimming pool.

By keeping the in-ground swimming pool open during the winter months, the homeowner also loses the sanitizing capabilities of the pool. Chlorine loses most of its sanitizing capabilities after just a few hours under a hot, sunny sky. A pool cover can reduce chemical consumption 35 to 65 percent.

Most swimming pools covers act as giant solar collectors and absorb huge amounts of water and transfer it to the swimming pool water. By one estimate, a covered pool can have a solar heat gain of 10 to 15 degrees.

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