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Using Simple Tools To Clean The Pool


For those Walnut Creek swimming Pool/Spa/Hot Tub owners who do not have a budget to hire a pool maintenance service or use an automatic pool cleaner, some simple tools will go a long way in keeping the pool/spa/hot tub clean and the water fresh.


All Walnut Creek pool owners need a maintenance kit.  A swimming pool owner who does not have this kit should add it to a list of “must buys.”  A good kit consists of 5 major items.  An extendable pole, also know as a “telepole or extendapole,” a leaf rake, a pool brush, a water test kit and a thermometer. 


Telepoles are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass.  They come in several sizes and are designed to extend so that you may extend the pool across the width and to the bottom of the swimming pool.   Some may have a magnet attached to the top of the pole to assist in picking up hairpins or nails from the bottom of the pool. 


A leaf rake is another pool tool that is recommended by almost all Walnut Creek pool builders.  Leaf rakes are used to remove leaves and other debris from the pool.  The net can be made from plastic netting or stainless steel mesh and the frame is aluminum.


Pool brushes come in several sizes.  Most common are from 6” for small Spas and Hot Tubs to over 18” for Pool/Spa combinations.  This tool is a must for all Walnut Creek pool owners.  The brush allows the pool owner to keep the sides of the Pool/Spa/Hot Tub clean and free of scaling or algae build up.  Most brushes are made of nylon however some brushes have copper or metal bristles.  Nylon bristles are used to brush the sides and bottom of the Pool/Spa without damaging the plaster.  Copper and metal bristle brushes are used for removing stains and other material sticking to the surface.  Walnut Creek swimming pool owners should avoid using wire brushes made of steel for cleaning as the bristles can snap off during brushing or leave stains on the plaster when they rust.  Copper bristled brushes will not rust but can break off during use.  Any metal brush should be used with great care.  Pool owners should also consider using a pumice stone in place of a metal bristled brush to remove scaling and other build up on the pool service.


A water test kit is a simple device that allows the pool owner to test and adjust the Ph balance of the water.  Test kits are usually made of plastic and come equipped with the necessary chemicals to test the acid or alkalinity content of the water. 


The final item in the kit is a floating thermometer to check and adjust the temperature of the water.


Swan Pools of Southern California supplies these items with every pool built.  Most reputable pool builders would not consider a pool complete without supplying these items.




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