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What To Keep In Mind When Landscaping Pool Designs

Probably the first things to take into consideration in landscaping pool designs are the plants that are to be installed around the pool area. The correct choice of plants can soften the surface of the swimming pool, offer privacy, and create a seamless connection between the pool area and the rest of the landscape in your home.

When choosing plants to use in your landscaping pool designs, you need to think about how much maintenance they will need. The easiest plants to care for are ground covers, ornamental grasses and plants with broad leaves, these are ideal for landscaping pool designs. You shouldn't use fruit trees that will stain your pool area or plants that will attract bees or grow extensive roots that can be damaging to your pool. Deciduous trees are also not a good idea to place in your pool area.

A useful feature to add in your landscaping pool designs is a fence; a pool fence will provide both safety and privacy. Having a pool fence that meets the State of California Pools Safety Code is a necessity. The pool fence will control the access to the pool, therefore, preventing swimming pool accidents. You can also choose a pool fence designed for privacy purposes. Usually, these types of pool fences are about six feet high with overlapping patterns.

In planning landscaping pool designs, keep in mind the outdoor lighting. This is one feature that is necessary in any pool not only to allow swimming at night but also to ensure safety at night. You should install these lights at the deep part of the pool as well on the steps and around the pool's perimeters. You have a choice of using normal white halogen pool lights, digital color lights, or you can choose fiber optics.

If you are just beginning to plan your landscaping pool designs, it would be helpful to look through landscaping magazines, books or websites so you can get a good general picture of the many possibilities in pool landscaping.

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