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Why Custom Design Pools Are So Great

When you're considering building a house or just upgrading it, one great idea would be to get a custom design pool. This is not only because swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world, but also because it makes for a great workout. Swimming is a good way to stay healthy, in shape, and it's beneficial for the entire family.

A custom design pool plan includes the design of the pool, the design and layout of the deck, plumbing and electricity plans. Another thing that you can get into your custom design pool are items that can make the setting look natural, such as artificial waterfalls, seashores etc. Other options are combining the pool with a hot tub, a Jacuzzi or even a special baby pool where they can safely learn to swim.

Among the practicalities you have to decide on is what type of lining you want for your custom design pool. You can choose between vinyl, fiberglass and concrete. Vinyl looks great and is really popular, especially in areas where the natural soil freezes and thaws. Fiberglass is the most durable option, since you don't have to change it. However, if the steel supports rust and the pool lose its support, the pool will become unusable. Concrete gives you more freedom and is the best option for most California pools since it offers the most structural qualities and the natural soils in most areas do not freeze. Also, it is truly the only material to use for a true custom design pool because you can choose the shape you want for your custom design pool, as opposed to picking one of the pre-determined shapes the contractors have to offer.

The best way of going about getting your custom design pool is contacting a specialized contractor with a thorough design department. This will save you money and it is safer to let the experts handle the swimming pool construction. Since all contractors include city permit fees in their estimates and pull them on your behalf, this is also the legal way to go and your homeowner's insurance policies will not be affected.

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