Swan Pools Testimonials

California families have been trusting Swan Pools as their swimming pool builder for over a half century.

  • "For me, dreams do come true, thanks to you and the Swan Pools organization. I appreciate the tremendously successful effort you made in getting the pool ready to swim prior to our daughter's trip."  -J. Arrow-
  • "It was a pleasure doing business with your company. Everyone who sees our pool says the same thing, that they can't believe we got such a beautiful big pool in our little back yard. We truly love the design. "Artists" seems like a better description than "construction workers.""  -Kathleen Heckathorn-
  • "...we always felt you and your staff were fully committed to addressing issues/concerns to our satisfaction." "...and your team's technical competence were instrumental in making us a satisfied customer."  -The Moratas-
  • "Swan Pools did what they said they would do when they said they would do it and the quality of every aspect of our pool is excellent."  -The Bergstroms-
  • "We're going on year 3 with our pool...Bottomline, it is in the same condition when it was first filled with water!"  -The Weisses-
  • "I want to whole-heartedly and without hesitation recommend Swan Pools to anyone thinking about adding a pool or spa to their home. I had a Swan Spa built in our last home 11 years ago, and had a swimming pool built most recently in our new home."  -R. Camarena-
  • "Thank you and your staff for the professional and courteous service you have proveded us during, and after the construction of our pool/spa. We considered the addition of our pool/spa a major project, but you made it go very smoothly. I only wish that all of our home improvement projects went as easily. Thanks again!"  -I. Fischer-
  • "From the first crew that did the digging to the last day when the landscape guys came in for the clean-up, your subcontractors showed great respect and a lot of diligence in getting the job done. You can use our name any time for a referral and rest assured that if we know of anyone or if we ever move and decide to build a pool in the future, you are the company on the top of our list. Thanks again for making this experience a positive one! You have made us love our pool even more by not making us hate the process of getting it done."  -K. Smith-
  • "I wanted to thank you and your organization on a great job in building our pool. We feel like received a great product with exceptional service...Your organization treated each challenge, whether it was dealing with our city or dealing with the weather, with professionalism and perseverance. We truly got the value we paid for."  -L. R. Davis-
  • "I highly recommend you folks. Your professionalism, your courtieousness, your quality, all are outstanding."  -The Marshalls-
  • "Each aspect of the job was addressed with the utmost professionalism and we had the security of working with people who had many years of experience in this field and could offer us their expert advice...we think we have the most beautiful property on the block! ...As if all this wasn't enough, we had the pleasure of working with the nicest people one could ask for. Everyone was wonderfull -- this made the experience very memorable for us."  -The Mearses-
  • "All your employees and sub-contractors conducted themselves in an extremely professional and polite manner."  -The Crawfords-
  • "...we couldn't be happier with the pool and Swan's performance as the design builder. The pool has enhanced the enjoyment and beauty of our backyard tenfold. We highly recommend Swan Pools."  -D. Dahlman-
  • "I am writing this letter to complement the entire team at Swan Pools! You guys have each been so great throughout the making of our dream backyard and entire house landscaping...everyone we talked to had very positive things to say about Swan, even your competitors were hesitant to say anything derogatory about Swan. That just plain says a lot right there. I could really go on and on about Swan. There is just no other way to say it, we could not be happier with our back yard project, and I want to make sure you all know what a great job you are doing. It would give me great pleasure to recommend Swan to any potential customer or anybody looking to build anywhere from a simple pool to a entire dream backyard."  -M. Summers-
  • "Your company was so great to deal with. Your crews were professional and very clean."  -The Gleckmans-
  • "Let me express our appreciation for a beautiful job on our new pool. It is even more beautiful than we had anticipated."  -R. Cooper-
  • "...thank you and your company for the beautiful pool that we now have in our backyard...it has been a source of great fun and numerous compliments."  -K. LaVigne-
  • "I faxed you last weekend and lo and behold over the weekend we're out swimming and the tile is FIXED! What Service! Again, thanks for your wonderful customer service."  -P. LaFee-
  • "The whole project is gorgeous...I think it will probably be the most beautiful yard of all time,and people will come from miles around to admire it!!"  -K. O'Neil-
  • "I have enjoyed working with your company...everything they did was done in a first class manner. I guess every project you do is truly 'Custom'!"  -M. Novak-
  • "I'm sure most pool contractors don't put manuals as complete as Swan does. Just another reason why a potential pool investor should consider Swan Pools. I would highly recommend Swan to anyone that wants quality dollar for dollar."  -D. Clay-
  • "Thank you so much for a job well done. We are enjoying our pool very much."  -The Rivolis-

From 1954 to 2011, Swan Pools has been the standard that all other pool companies have been judged. We were there for your parents, we will be there for your children, and we would like to be there for you. If you would like a future filled with memories that will last a lifetime, call Swan Pools at 1-800-FOR-SWAN (367-7926). We won't just enhance your backyard, we will enhance your life.

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