Swan Pools' Reference to Codes and Regulations

This section is designed to give our customers and others a direct path to the legal information within which our designs should comply. There are several sources of explanatory information that will help you apply these codes and ordinances to the design of the project in your back yard. The first, of course, is your Swan Pools design professional.

Pools Security Requirements:

    5' high fence measures from the outside of the yard and is non climbable. I.e. we want to prevent children climbing into your yard, not climbing out of the yard. All gates leading to the pool area must have the following characteristics:
  1. 5' high
  2. Self closing. That means there must be a spring that returns the gate to the closed position once the gate has been opened more than about 12".
  3. Self latching. That means the gate must latch automatically when it returns to the closed position.
  4. The gate must open "away" from the pool area. The thinking is that a toddler is more likely to push on the gate before he/she pulls on the gate.
  5. All wrought iron gates and fences must not let a 4" diameter ball pass through between the vertical pickets.
  6. The man door on the garage that leads to the pool area must be self-closing and self-latching the same as the gates.

State of California Pools Safety Code:

ANSI/APSP-8 2005 Model Barrier Code for Residential Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot tubs: FACT SHEET

Public Utilities Commision for the State of California

Rules for Overhead Electric Line Construction (General Order 95)