Six Steps to Paradise

Swan Pools. Built to Last a Lifetime. For, the Times of Your Life.

California Swimming Pool Construction Standard of Excellence Since 1954

At Swan Pools, a group of swimming pool companies throughout the State of California, we believe in a team effort that emphasizes and acknowledges 'Specialization of Skills'. The effort and value from nurturing these business relationships with proven artisen craftsman since 1954 is what enables us to proclaim we are a Family of Swimming Pool Professionals that are able and willing to bring to life your swimming pool construction project with attention to craftsmanship and value. Accomplishing your California Outdoor Living Experience helping to create the memories of a lifetime for you and your Family. From ideas, to paper, to structural details, permits, and then construction. Let's begin together in bringing to life your swimming pool imagination.


Custom swimming pool design animation from concept to reality.

Take a Journey with Swan Pools, let your Imagination Roam from the Creative to a Reality:

These are the steps to creating a Custom Swimming Pool California Lifestyle Paradise in your very own back yard.

Step 1: Dream

Dependable Custom Swimming Pool Builder.  At Swan Pools, we believe in dreams. Your dreams!

At Swan Pools, we believe in dreams. Your dreams! Before you call us - or any swimming pool design company - we encourage you to go outside, relax in your yard, and let your imagination roam free. Make notes for yourself, and discuss them with your family.

    What kind of environment do you imagine?
  • A tropical forest, with grottos and waterfalls
  • Crisp, contemporary architecture
  • A Grecian bath, with marble archways
  • Your own, unique paradise
    What do you see yourself doing?
  • Relaxing with your family?
  • Romantic evenings with your loved one?
  • Entertaining a crowd?
  • Swimming laps, for exercise?
  • Playing sports?

Once you have thought about your backyard swimming pool dreams, it's time to call 1-800-FOR-SWAN or fill out this simple swimming pool estimate and design request. We'll work with you to make your California swimming pool ideas into a reality. And, show you possibilities you've never dreamed of! Call us today!


Swan Pools will Enable Your Imagination and Dreams into a California Backyard Lifestyle to create the Memories of a Lifetime

Step 2: Design

Swan Pools award winning designers design custom swimming pool construction projects.

Swan Pools' Designers win awards for creativity, but their skill in swimming pool construction techniques and financial planning is equally impressive. They do more than design your personal California swimming pool paradise - they help you get the most for your money.

Your Swan Pools' Designer will listen to your hopes and dreams, needs and passions, study your space and discuss your options. He or she will sketch out possibilities, and work with you to draw a "vellum" plan with all the elements in place.

If you wish, our artists will then draw a three-dimensional perspective and a watercolor painting to help you envision your oasis.

Consider a built-in spa

For an added touch of luxury, many Swan Pools' customers choose to complement their pool with a built-in spa. Because the spa is filtered and sanitized through the same system as the pool, it is more efficient than a portable spa, and twice as powerful. Your Swan Pools' spa can be fitted with soothing, sensuous features like rotating Waterway jets or our unique Swan Pools Captain's Chair.

From the Intimate to the Majestic Swimming Pool Design

Custom Swan Pools Shelf Designs with Three Available Options: River, Acapulco, or Reef Shelf Designs. Custom Variants of the Baja Shelf.

Step 3: Engineer

Swan Pools - Quality swimming pool construction since 1954.

The next visitor to your home will be a Swan Pools field technician. Working from the designer's vellum, the technician ensures that the dimensions for the work of improvement are accurately measured, any potential construction and/or utility connection problems are identified, the scope of work is correctly calculated and all government permit requirements are met.

In leading the way in the swimming pool industry, Swan Pools utilizes drone technolgy with Lidar capabilities to efficiently compliment your project's initial site visit. After the visit, the Swan Pools Engineering Services group creates the formal computer-aided drawings that guide the Swan Pools construction team and our third party Professionals such as Structural Engineers specializing in swimming pool construction. These same drawings are submitted for your city's permit process. Swan Pools obtains all necessary City Building and Planning Department permits on your behalf.

Once we receive your City permits, we're on to construction!

California Swimming Pools Designed and Engineered for Small Spaces

California Swimming Pools Designed and Engineered for Hillside and Slope Considerations

Step 4: Construction

    Your aquatic swimming pool environment will be built in stages. Beginning with removing the soil and ending with a beautiful finish with the swimming pool plaster interior. Browse through the steps and imagine your dream, creativity and California Outdoor Living imaginations coming true.
  • Excavating
  • Installing plumbing and electrical
  • Installing the re-inforcing steel
  • Forming the actual pool structure with shotcrete

    Watering your new Swimming Pool Shotcrete for an Important Curing Process

  • Installing the decorative coping and tile
  • Installing the hardscape
  • Installing the softscape
  • Installing the interior finish
  • Adding water and starting up the project

Swan Pools' Commitment as a Swimming Pool Construction Company

Step 5: Complete

Complete custom swimming pool construction project with artificial rock grotto by Swan Pools.

Startup and Orientation

Swan Pools prides itself in leading the way in the swimming pool industry. Years ago, we raised the bar for pool service companies in California. We were the first company to provide a complete set-up, orientation, and an education program for the new pool owner once you have filled the swimming pool with water. Our technician will ensure all equipment is performing properly and that all of the special features are properly set and adjusted. Then they will meet with you, your family, and help you understand how to operate and care for your new swimming pool oasis, safely and efficiently.

Filling your Completed Swan Pools with Water After the Plaster Installation


Nothing is more important to us than the safety of you, your family, and friends. Therefore, Swan Pools are designed and built to the safety standards required by city and state codes. However please be mindful, all aquatic environments have some risk. We strongly suggest that you study the safety products that are listed in our site AND the links to various other sources of safety information.

Please remember, there is NO substitute for careful, consistent, and capable adult supervision of the swimming pool area at all times. No child should ever be left unattended in the swimming pool safety barrier which may include your property line walls, fencing, and household doors leading to your new outdoor environment.

Step 6: The work is done. Anyone for a swim?

Swan Pools - Built to Last a Lifetime for the Times of Your Life.

A Few Helpful Do's and Dont's from Swan Pools with your Newly Completed Swimming Pool