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Swimming pool remodel with new built in spa. Fire, pergola, and outdoor living in grand style, Laguna Hills, California.

This was an entire backyard remodel including repairing a water feature pergola that was falling apart, landscaping and entertainment areas. The existing swimming pool and spa were detached and rectangular in shape while the yard was large and free flowing in nature. The backyard elements were disjointed and cluttered together giving you a claustrophobic feeling. We removed the existing in-ground spa and created a new swimming pool shape that flowed with the property lines. An incredible amount of forming, steel and gunite were used to make these new pool beams and to attach and raise the spa with fire elements and a rip rap waterfall overflow into the pool. Also, the pergola was repaired structurally, electrically, and equipped with a new ‘rain’ 6 feet water feature cascading into the spa. New efficient equipment with remotes and LED lighting were installed. The end result was a much warmer feeling environment that opened up to the visitor and homeowner blending BBQ, Fireplace, and Lounge Entertainment areas that flowed naturally with the pool, spa, and property boundaries.

What was particularly challenging and requiring an unusual level of creativity were the levels and elevations that needed to be thought out in the design process, communicated to crews, and then having everybody work together from excavation, forming, steel, plumbing, gunite and then to the mason in order to achieve the end result. Large amounts of thought was needed to plan for building a new spa in an existing 8’ deep pool, while adding gas lines, electrical lines, and drains into these new pool and spa walls. And then finally, being able to apply the finishing touches and have everything fit neatly together. There was a tremendous amount of material removed from the yard but a lot stayed including portions of the pool beam and pergola which dictated the exact elevations that elements needed to finish at.