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If you blink you might believe your were lounging at your swimming pool and spa watering hole on your vacation house in Tuscany.

Swan Pools, the creators of custom swimming pool designs since 1954, was recently awarded Silver by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals for their designs and construction for the 2008 calendar year. The California pool builders won for their design titled "Traditional Tuscan Villa" in the Residential Traditional category (600 sq. ft. or less). This Irvine design incorporated traditional Tuscan materials using rustic stone and brick, while sandstone 3M Color Quartz was used in the custom swimming pool and spa to create a charming, warm and tranquil entertainment area. The project was completed with an outdoor barbeque, wood burning fire ring and raised sun deck. The pool area's balanced symmetry is blanketed by authentic Mediterranean landscapes, which light up exquisitely at nighttime with a myriad of colors. Leaping laminar jets, waterfalls and sheer descents finish the swimming pool landscaping, creating a true beauty resembling a Tuscan Mediterranean Oasis.